Radial Forming  

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  Cut-Only, Flush Mount, Snap-In,

Stand-Off, & layover Forms






Process Radials 

    at Speeds to 

    20,000 pph








Quick Change Tooling for Capacitors, 

   Transistors, and LEDs 


Cut and Form Radials to Virtually Any Configuration

Cut and form two- or three-lead, taped capacitors, transistors, or LEDs at speeds up to 20,000 pph with the CF Radial bench top lead former.  Different sets of tooling inserts are all that is needed to make the transition from capacitor... to transistor... or to LED forming.  Choose from a variety of tooling that includes cut-only, stand-off, snap-in, flush-mount, lock-in and 90 layover forms either with, or without snap-in dimples.  Inserts are held in place by two screws, minimizing changeover time from one set-up to another.   Cut-length and stand-off height are dial adjustable.  A heavy-duty, pneumatic drive assures reliable performance over a long operating life.  Standard forming dies (snap-in or stand-off) provide a 0.060" cut length below the board and a stand-off height of 0.125".  All tooling inserts are manufactured of hardened tool steel to ensure long life and repeatable performance.  



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Multi-Stage Tooling Clamps Leads 

and Prevents Component Damage 





K-25 With 

Bowl Feed






Even SMT 

Flush Mount



K-25 With 

Tube Feeder


Custom Radial Lead Forming System

Custom form the leads of transistors, capacitors, SIPs, or other radial components, including new and unusual packages, into any shape.  The K-25 Custom Radial Lead Forming System from Manix Manufacturing reforms leads for new hole positions, creates lock-ins and stand-offs, and even prepares leaded components for surface mounting.  Component manufacturers can use the K-25 to straighten leads of newly made parts or custom form leads to customer specifications.  Regardless of whether your components are packaged in bulk, tubes or magazines, Manix can custom configure your K-25 system to meet even the most demanding requirements.  Loose or bulk components can be bowl fed at speeds up to 5000 pph and tube-to-tube or magazine parts can be fed at speeds up to 3500 pph.  Hand feeding of parts at rates to 2000 pph can also be expected.  The K-25 is designed for easy setup, long life and low-maintenance operation.  Component clamping, lead cutting and lead forming are all actuated by cams that are mounted to a single rotating shaft.  A complete K-25 system consists of a rugged motorized base, a quick change feeding system interface and individual die sets.  All dies are crafted of hardened tool steel for maximum life by expert toolmakers that have extensive experience in custom lead forming of all types of devices.






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      stripe6.gif (5101 bytes) MCG Series    

Fast Set-up 


Reel Holder 


Cut Radials to

    Desired Lengths 

Two Models to

Choose From



Cut Taped Radials at
Speeds to 20,000 pph

Eliminate the need to trim post solder radial component leads with the economical MCG Series.  The field-proven MCG Series cuts taped radial leads to your desired length.  Transistors, capacitors, electrolytics, and LEDs can all be processed on this hand-crank system which is similar to the original GG Series for axial components.  Adjustments for various cut length are accomplished by simply turning one screw.  Two models are available.   The MCG-1 processes radial components on tape hole centers of 0.500"/12.7mm, whereas the MCG-2 cuts radials on 0.591"/15mm tape hole centers.   Both systems handle radial components with lead thickness from 0.019" to 0.032".  The MCG Series Systems are characterized by their easy handling, high performance and affordable price. 


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